Forecast Technology (FTL) are excited to launch a new multi-level bunker fuel tracer to ensure all marine fuels are within specification and compliant with the IMO’s 2020 global sulphur cap legislation.

Fuel quality and regulatory compliance are priority issues in the run up to 2020. Industry commentators estimate that in excess of 200 vessels have been affected by quality related issues following supplies of bunkers…It is widely expected that the problem will continue to grow.

With concerns about downtime, engine damage and costs to shipowners, FTL’s bunker fuel tracer is a potential solution for suppliers who have tested their finished product and are confident of the chemical content and properties of their finished fuel. Produced by Forecast Technology’s sister company, TraceTag International in partnership with Mexel Industries SAS, this new tracer can be utilised in a wide range of finished fuels, lubricants and solvents and provides a way to track, report and stop fuel fraud.

The new tracer package combines powerful colour dyes, together with MexTag® – a two-level tracer which ensures both quantitative, in-the-field authentication and forensic DNA coding for absolute proof of origin or source. At a time when it is vital for authorities to have the ability to determine the origin, fiscal status and legitimacy of fuel, FTL’s tracer is a proven technology designed to allow regulators to identify out of specification or adulterated fuel and deliver improved integrity in fuel supply chains.

The benefits of using this fuel marking system include:

  • Ability to check fuel in situ
  • Improved quality assurance, monitoring and integrity of the supply chain
  • Proof of compliance
  • The shipowner gets what he pays for
  • The brand image of major marine fuel suppliers is protected
  • Reduction in fuel adulteration
  • Protection of company and crew against delivery of incorrect products.

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Article by: Forecast Technology