Developing DNA tracer


Forecast Technology was founded to provide bespoke solutions to specific environmental challenges and provide both Governments and businesses alike, an opportunity to demonstrate to the world best practise in terms of protecting the environment.

Headquartered in the UK, Forecast Technology is a new joint venture company with TraceTag International, a leader in DNA tracer technology. Working together, we are developing new, modified tags which bestow useful characteristics such as versatility, durability and resilience, not previously associated with DNA.


Protecting Our Natural Resources

Forecast Technology’s primary objective is to use unique, patented, DNA tracing technology to provide solutions to alleviate the environmental concerns associated with the increase in maritime traffic, leaks and seepage from oil pipelines and the continued destruction of natural forests.

At every level, whether it be investor or consumer, people are becoming more environmentally conscious. It is now commonplace for the sustainable credentials of a business’ products and the reputation of companies or brands to be subject to scrutiny and afforded more or less opportunities as a result.

Implementing our DNA tracers demonstrates to the world that your business supports the safeguarding of the world’s natural resources for the future.

Our DNA tracer portfolio

Identifies the source of illegal operational pollution

Ensures products are sourced from sustainably managed forests

Identifies the source of leaks and spills from pipelines


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