A revolution in the global battle against environmental pollution and devastation


Bringing cutting-edge DNA tracer technology to new markets

Focusing initially in the fields of Marine, Timber and Oil Pipelines, Forecast Technology’s product marking solutions bring about transparency and accountability, for the benefit of the environment.

Onward global economic development, the result of ever increasing population growth, drives potentially catastrophic global environmental damage from increasing marine pollution, deforestation and groundwater contamination.

As these threats are increasingly recognised on a pan global scale, the challenge to achieve a pollution-free and sustainable future falls to those with the duty to enforce accountability on those parties active in these arenas. This is now seen as the job of government and business, working in cooperation.

The use of DNA marking is well established as a forensic tool in the field of crime prevention and asset protection. Forecast Technology, however, is driving revolutionary new uses of synthetic DNA tracing technology to alleviate the environmental degradation associated with illegal oily waste discharges from maritime traffic, spills from pipelining oil and deforestation from illegally harvested timber.


Our Patented Portfolio

Forecast Technology has developed specialised (patented) synthetic DNA tracer technology which can be used to facilitate environmental protection initiatives and legislation. Our current product range addresses marking issues in the following markets:

Identifies the source of illegal operational pollution

Ensures products are sourced from sustainably managed forests

Identifies the source of leaks and spills from pipelines


The perfect synthetic DNA-based marker

One of the prime requirements of any tracing or tagging system is the ability to provide a large number of unique, secure codes (finger prints), that can be easily decoded by the producer of the tag and them alone.

To determine the source of marine discharges, the origin of timber products and the source of recovered oil in the vicinity of several lines, tracers must meet all the requirements for an invisible, environmentally safe, secure, robust, recoverable and decipherable marker, to allow enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to take action against wrongdoers.

Meeting and addressing these challenges, Forecast Technology has invested several years and considerable funds into R&D and patent protection to develop tracers that meet the objectives of those facilitating the enforcement of environmental protection in the Marine, Timber and Oil Pipeline markets.


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