Timber marking using DNA tracers 

The need for sustainable and ethical business practices in the timber product industry is more important than ever.

The WWF’s Living Forest report predicts that future global demand for wood for timber, paper and energy could triple by 2050 from economic and population growth, particularly in the emerging markets. Forecast Technology’s timber marking solution facilitates environmentally and socially responsible trade of wood products, crucial for maintaining supply in the face of increasing pressures on forests




Forests need to continue to provide us with resources, keep our climate stable and conserve biodiversity. It is generally accepted that in order to ensure the protection and viability of the world’s forests, they must be managed sustainably.

Regulation and policy around environmental sustainability in trade is becoming more prevalent, giving a competitive advantage to companies who can demonstrate compliance. The ability to prove that a product is from a legal and sustainable source is now a key factor for procurement contracts.

Chain of Custody Certification schemes attempt to provide a means of proving that the sourced timber is legal and sustainable. However, all too often the chain is broken by supply members who are not certified, meaning there is no longer any guarantee about the origin of the timber.

Notwithstanding this, as certification expands worldwide into regions known for high levels of corruption, the risk of fraud and false labelling increases and the integrity of such schemes is called in to doubt.

Timber marking stacked logs photo- Forecast Technology's synthetic DNA tagging product



Committing to protect our forests for future generations requires a need for changes in the market so that trade in non-sustainably-sourced timber is excluded.

Forecast Technology is in close dialogue with key companies in the forest industry to mark wood products using a patented timber marking system which enables the source of timber to be clearly identified at the point of entry into a country. This gives procurers complete assurance that they are sourcing responsible and legal raw materials.

The use of DNA tracer technology to mark timber will:

  • Help prevent illegal logging
  • Mitigate the risk of false labelling
  • Improve supply chain controls and monitoring of certified product flow
  • Help a supplier demonstrate regulatory compliance

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