Forecast Technology discuss the science behind recent innovations and developments in DNA tracer technology as a risk management tool for Underwriters and Insurers.

In a joint event with the Lloyd’s Market Association, Forecast Technology will be presenting in the Old Library, Lloyds, about the wide range of customised applications and available benefits to Underwriters, Insurers and P&I clubs, of the marking of vessels, cargoes including oil, property and specie of all types, in order to protect their risk exposures by:

  • reducing/avoiding claims for the cost of clean-up of oil spills, pollution & contamination
  • providing fool-proof defence against spurious claims
  • improving marking techniques for fine art and specie, cash in transit/ATM

Speakers at the event include:

Dr Robert Sleat, BSc, MBA, PhD, Chemist & Biotechnologist
A leading specialist in DNA technology, Dr Sleat leads a team of microbiologists at the Minton, Treharne and Davies Laboratories in Cardiff.

Dr Richard Vidal, Chief Scientific Officer at TraceTag International – specialists in security marking and tracing solutions.
Dr Vidal is an expert in the field of microparticles and nanotechnologies for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, chemical and environmental applications.

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Article by: Forecast Technology
10th May 2017