Peter Read- Consultant at Forecast Technology

Peter Read is Forecast’s technical resource in upstream and downstream oil and gas with almost 50 years’ experience in drilling and well completions, well technology, reservoir engineering, process systems and oil and gas infrastructure, including decommissioning.

Peter has gathered a huge amount of know how which he uses to develop our ideas, set us new challenges and coordinate our communications with oil industry technocrats. He has worked internationally for oil majors including British Petroleum, as Chief Engineer at Statoil in Norway, Kvaerner and Conoco Philips. He has developed his own consultancy network since formal retirement. Peter has worked in the Middle East, UK, Norway, Alaska and Brazil.

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During his career Peter has been granted numerous patents for developments in well technology many of which are being routinely applied. A dedicated problem solver Peter brings his experience to bear in unexpected ways, which can make for an exciting life! He has published numerous technical papers and is still productive in the literature having produced his last paper as recently as 2015.

Peter was educated at Weymouth and Isleworth Grammar Schools before coming up to University to study sciences. His first degree is in chemistry and he holds an MSc in Petroleum Engineering and a PhD in applied chemistry.

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An entertaining technical communicator Peter has written undergraduate courses for internet remote teaching in both English and in Norwegian, a language in which he is fluent. He can also deal with French and if required Danish and Swedish.