David Hebden - Consultant at Forecast Technology

David Hebden is an independent consultant specialising in marine casualties, shipping law and practice with over 40 years experience as an Admiralty Solicitor.

As a consultant his usual role is to conduct an in depth investigation into the causes of the casualty which nowadays includes a considerable amount of electronically recorded data from both ships and possibly shore surveillance. The other aspects of his consultancy include the preparation and collation of files for foreign litigation and the recovery of documents said to be lost or otherwise unobtainable. Recent clients include Svitzer Salvage Academy (now Ardent), W K Webster & Co Ltd, Lloyd Warwick International and several City of London Law Firms.

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David served at sea for 10 years, leaving with a British Foreign-Going Masters Certificate of Competency, to join the city law firm of Thomas Cooper.  After qualifying as a solicitor, David joined the partnership and developed a wide range of clients, including many ship-owners and the Hull and P&I insurance market that serves world shipping. Clients included major oil companies and their tankers, together with owners of cruise liners, container fleets, tramps and bulkers, and humble coasters and fishing vessels. Collisions and groundings often lead to oil pollution problems and work on this aspect of casualties led to instruction from National Governments seeking to protect their territorial waters and the agencies that cover oil pollution compensation such as the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund.

During the 10 years David served as senior partner of Thomas Cooper ,the firm greatly expanded opening Offices in Singapore, Athens and Madrid.

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David advises Forecast Technology about the legal aspects of the carriage of oil cargo in modern ships.

David is a born and bred Englishman, educated in County Durham, served 2 years on the training ship HMS Worcester and he lives in Kent.